How to tell if you have bought the right nitrile gloves

2021-12-15 00:24:25 By : Ms. Anna Wang

MedPride powder-free nitrile examination gloves, large size, boxed/100 pcs, available on Amazon

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, nitrile gloves were one of the unsung heroes in the modern sanitation field, and they were vital to healthcare, food service industry, auto mechanics, gardeners, sanitation workers, etc.

Alrisco nitrile gloves, professional grade, disposable, food safe, non-latex, powder-free, 4 mil thickness

Now, in the pandemic, we are on the verge of a severe shortage of nitrile gloves: the world's top manufacturers are prohibited from importing to the United States, demand is higher than ever, and there is only one domestic manufacturer.

"Before COVID, 100 billion nitrile gloves were processed every year," said Brian Moseley, R&D technology manager of Showa Group, which is the only manufacturer of disposable nitrile PPE gloves in the United States. "After COVID, we expect to reach 150 billion for the whole year."

If you need to use nitrile gloves, rubber gloves, or other protective gloves, there are two things you can do to help maintain the supply of medical professionals:

"If you are talking about the harm of virus protection, it is 4 million nitrile products," Mosley explained. "What people need to look for is a virus test on the dispenser. They should be able to call the company and get tested."

Nitrile powder-free gloves, 4 million (currently prioritized for frontline organizations to respond to COVID-19)

Although the CDC recommends that “gloves are not required in most cases, such as running errands,” they can be important when caring for someone who is sick or disinfecting your home.

To determine whether nitrile gloves are resistant to the coronavirus, you need to make sure that they pass the tests specified by EN ISO 374-5:2016. "This is a test to ensure that the virus does not penetrate the gloves," Mosley explained.

In addition, if you are looking for gloves for gardening or other preventive measures at home, you need to keep in mind the main advantages of nitrile as a substance:

But there is no reason to guess.

"People mention chemicals, but they don't realize how many hundreds of chemicals there are," Mosley explained. "We have a database called People can visit the site and find specific chemicals and specific gloves, and it will tell them exactly which gloves should be used and for how long."

Once you understand your needs, you can make an informed decision, starting with the following options.

SHOWA 9905PF N-Dex Nitrile gloves, powder-free

SHOWA 727-09 Nitrile unlined chemical resistant gloves

MedPride powder-free nitrile examination gloves, large, boxed/100

AMMEX Gloveworks HD industrial green nitrile gloves with diamond texture grip, 100 boxes, 8 million

ChromaCast Defense Disposable Transparent Nylon Workbench Gloves

Ambitex Large Vinyl Gloves V5201 Series 100 pcs

Pine Tool Bamboo Men's and Women's Work Gloves

Disposable latex-powder-free, rubber, non-sterile, dexterous-100 boxes

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