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2022-04-21 09:46:35 By : Mr. Ruby Lu

by KD Rossly April 20, 2022, 3:33 pm

Disney will be launching a monthly series of limited edition premium collectibles that merges a beloved animated character with an exhilarating Disney theme park attraction. This latest release features Mickey Mouse reimagined as a Space Mountain-themed plush doll.

As the first doll in the 12-plush toy lineup, Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction plush steps up to the plate in his brand new Space Mountain makeover.

Taking Disney’s main mascot to intergalactic heights, Mickey is depicted in an all-white ensemble that personifies the legendary design of the widely-loved Space Mountain. To complete the futuristic look, he dons a pair of purple-lensed goggles. He also has a tail and ears in a starfield print, resembling mesmerizing stars and galaxies.

  This limited edition Mickey Mouse Space Mountain plush is inspired by the iconic Space Mountain rollercoaster

Other magical features include intricately embroidered details, white satin gloves, a Mickey Mouse logo under his left foot, and a “Walt Disney” World 50th Anniversary” logo on the back of the right ear.

The limited-edition plush doll is specially made for Walt Disney World Resort and is part of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration Collection. Now you can take Mickey with you on your journey through time and space (or on your next trip to Disney World!)

you can be the proud owner of a limited edition Mickey Mouse Space Mountain plush toy for $34.99.

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