The best gift for truck drivers during the holidays and beyond | Manual

2021-12-15 00:32:16 By : Ms. Vera Liao

The truck driver is our unsung hero. Their hard work on the road has always been important to deliver all of our things (in time) to where we want, but we have never thanked them like this recently, and now the word "supply chain" has become a regular report in the evening news This holiday ensures that the long-distance transporter in your life knows that you are grateful for all the time spent on the steering wheel.

These gifts are also perfect for your friends, who throw everything in the van or give them to relatives who work in the car. Some of our choices are about helping to solve the health problems of people trapped in the driver’s seat all day long. Some seem to be particularly useful, while others are just for fun, and some are for your favorite driver to continue driving. type. 

This boot is designed for racing and tested by the Le Mans champion. It is designed for racing, but drivers who step on the pedals for a long time will love Pinnacle's shock-resistant and hydrocarbon-resistant soles. The polished EVA heel and reinforced lateral forefoot are designed to provide uninterrupted comfort and performance for long-distance driving (but let us keep the speed limit).

"I'm Iron Man." These gloves are a convenient way to reveal almost anything, from searching for items that have fallen under the dashboard to performing basic repairs, and even making the wearer more visible and safe at night (they are also very Suitable for cyclists) your life). The flexible fingerless gloves are equipped with rechargeable LED lights not far from the thumb, so they direct the beam at the task at hand. 

Add extra security to all the time spent behind the steering wheel. This pocket camera (with voice control) can record any events that may occur around your vehicle, and the saved video will be automatically uploaded to Garmin's secure online vault via a Wi-Fi connection. It can also be viewed remotely through a smartphone app. The camera also provides driver warnings, such as forward collision and lane departure warnings, to encourage safer driving.

If any time a perfect cup of coffee is the most important thing, it is a long journey. Don't rely on truck stops or fast food chains to solve problems (they often disappoint). Bring your favorite coffee, grind it to your specifications, and make a delicious cup of coffee every time you use Aeropress Go. Aeropress fans already love it, because it can get the perfect cup in a minimalist way every time. Now bring that level of control on the road. 

Long-distance truck drivers may find themselves taking a shower at a truck stop or spending the night in a cheap roadside motel. Put on this cotton waffle woven spa-style bathrobe to add a touch of luxury to your journey. It will make even the most rudimentary facility an indulgent experience. 

Use Nintendo Switch to play games anytime, anywhere. The suit is inspired by the video game celebrity character Super Mario, with a striking red design console, Joy-Con controller and Nintendo Switch Dock. Both the Joy-Con handle and the Joy-Con wristband are designed in pure blue. There is also a suitcase decorated with the Super Mario icon and a screen protector to ensure the safety of your Mario Nintendo Switch system.

Anyone who has worked behind the steering wheel for a few hours knows that no matter how good the upholstery is, driving will bring you back to hell. Although we are not sure if this can be stored in the cab, at least be ready when your driver reaches home base: the mat has five vibration points, has two intensity levels and heat. 

For all-night rides, overnight in town or snuggling on the sofa, we like this Todd Snyder Italian cashmere sweater, made from recycled cashmere. The waffle texture maintains the masculine style that any big rig driver would like, but it is still soft and comfortable. Let your truck driver know that you really like them and get matching sweat. 

According to the American Truck Driver Magazine, many long-distance drivers have diet-related health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Let us provide some simple and healthy meals through Hello Fresh to make our good friends happy and healthy. The healthy subscription meal package plan delivers pre-weighed ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to the recipient’s door through a simple, nutritious and sustainable plan. 

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