Red Oak's compliance was selected on the RegTech100 list, making it one of the world's top regulatory compliance innovators

2021-12-15 00:23:20 By : Ms. Ginny Yan

2022 is the third consecutive year that Austin-based compliant software providers have been on the list

Austin, Texas, December 14, 2021 (Global News Service)-RegTech Analyst, a research company focused on regulatory technology, risk management technology, and cybersecurity, today announced their 2022 RegTech100 list. Red Oak Compliance Services is a leader in regulatory compliance and is included in the list of 100 recognized global companies.

According to RegTech analysts, the RegTech100 list was created to recognize the most innovative technology solution providers in the world and increase the visibility of the services they provide in fast-growing fields. Red Oak was included in the list because of the strength of its flagship advertising-compliant SaaS product and its continuous development of new compliance technology modules.

RegTech100 analysts and industry expert panel pointed out that this year's candidate group is by far the most competitive, with more than 1,200 companies nominated. The leadership of Red Oak stated that they have been included on this list because the company is committed to continuously improving its tools and focusing on meeting the special needs of its financial services compliance customers.

“Red Oak’s software is designed by compliance experts for compliance experts, so we have full confidence in the services we provide and the specific ways we improve customer processes to make them faster, more effective, and 100% compliant with books and records ," said Stephen Pope, CEO of Red Oak. "We continue to be included in the RegTech100 list, which shows that our innovations and improvements to our flagship products continue to keep our software ahead of the curve-from the machine intelligence functions of Smart Review (SM) to the time-saving resource management tools of Smart Registration (SM). "

Products like Smart Review are still the top consideration for compliance professionals. They look for ways to simplify and automate tedious manual tasks, and use technology to properly allocate and prioritize workloads. Mariyan Dimitrov, head of analyst research at RegTech, said: “Banks and other financial institutions are investing heavily in artificial intelligence capabilities to automate highly manual regulatory tasks, support digital onboarding processes and monitor fraudulent activities. The RegTech100 list helps them screen out all suppliers. Passed Highlight the entry of leading companies in the fields of identity verification, risk management, communication monitoring, information security and financial crime prevention."

Like many issues last year, the pandemic and its subsequent changes remain the top consideration for compliance leaders. Due to the rapid transition to the digital workplace and the increasing use of digital marketing to attract customers, the need for technological solutions has become particularly urgent.

According to Cathy Vasilev, Chief Operating Officer of Red Oak, this recognition is an affirmation of the hard work of the Red Oak team to meet the growing demand for the pandemic workforce and the wave of regulatory changes and rule updates. Vasilev said: "Our development team has maintained continuous communication with customers as they go through each new and unexpected stage of the COVID era." "We are particularly proud that we can lead fast and flexible The implementation process allows customers to start and use our technology within a few weeks, so they can get our support to deal with the pressing compliance issues facing their organizations."

The complete list of RegTech100 in 2022 and detailed information about each company can be downloaded at

About Red Oak Compliance Solution

Red Oak Compliance Solutions is the global ad review software of choice for the financial services industry, serving clients who manage more than $25 trillion in assets. Red Oak's advertising compliance review software provides a fast implementation timeline and agile technology that responds to customer needs and is 100% compliant with books and records. Red Oak customers report that approval speeds have increased by 35%, contacts have been reduced by 70%, and many customers have achieved better results. For more information, please visit

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