SRTF provides safety tools, clothing and equipment for its food security project in northern Aleppo-Syrian Arab Republic | Relief Network

2021-12-15 00:23:10 By : Mr. Amos Lam

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Turkey – Tuesday, December 14, 2021 – SRTF Multi-Phase Food Security Project: Supplementary Project to Strengthen Food Security in Northern Aleppo Province-Phase V" today received deliveries including safety tools, clothing and equipment, which will be delivered by Implementing entity (IE) maintenance and cleaning personnel working in bakery and grain storage spaces.

The delivery content includes 75 blue work clothes, 25 waterproof reflective jackets, 50 white lab coats, 6 yellow helmets, 25 pairs of industrial leather work gloves, 100 pairs of rubber gloves, 23 pairs of leather safety shoes, 10 pairs of safety glasses (protective Eyepieces), 10,000 dust masks, 200 hats, 5,000 rubber disposable medical gloves and 1,000 disposable knitted caps.

The project has a budget of 7.8 million euros and its goal is to supplement the supply of soft wheat and purchase additional baking equipment to ensure that the target communities receive bread at an affordable price. It will have a positive impact on an estimated 375,000 beneficiaries each month for eight months, who will benefit from more and more affordable bread. 

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